The reveal

Glamor in the sky


Homage to a Golden Age

An unmissable angled pillbox hat is style inspired by iconic 1950s fashion.

Collection reveal at Haute Couture week

Cut for comfort with a boat neck collar

Double-breasted suit with hidden buttons

Timeless look with cashmere outerwear

Empowering our crew


Sublime balance between high-fashion and functionality

Womenswear is in Electric Amethyst, a color unique to Riyadh Air.

Elegant style of the tulip cuff, both highly functional and polished.

Uniquely sculpted, custom leather shoes with pointed and angled toe.

A sophisticated and stylish collection

Futuristic couture

Exquisite design from all sides

Our fashion is the embodiment of panache and style that Riyadh Air exudes.

Several variations within the lifestyle collection provide global adaptability.

A removable collar gracefully drapes over the shoulder forming an asymmetrical wing.

Graceful designs that transform the wearer and create confidence.

Classic inspiration

for a modern airline

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