Driven by an ambitious vision for the future of travel

We are working with boundless determination to make air travel as innovative as possible, constantly pushing for more, and a new standard of excellence. Riyadh Air will optimize the best digital technologies to deliver exceptional travel experiences to our guests.


Flying to 100+ destinations

Riyadh Air will optimize the Kingdom's strategic location, connecting business and leisure travelers to more than 100 destinations worldwide by 2030.


Built on Innovation and the latest technology

We invest to lead innovation and deliver a seamless travel experience.


Creating more than 200,000 job opportunities

We will support the national GDP growth and generate more than 200,000 employment opportunities directly and indirectly.

Our Brand

Inspired by the lavender blossoms that carpet Saudi Arabia, we’ve chosen this color because it symbolizes Saudi generosity and its authentic hospitality.

We looked to the airplane window for inspiration; Riyadh Air will serve as Saudi Arabia’s window to the world. The movement of birds' wings in flight and the elegant curves of Arabic calligraphy, an integral pillar of Saudi culture, are also essential parts of the Riyadh Air brand.

Riyadh Air will take flight toward the future of aviation.