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Setting a new standard in air travel

Riyadh Air aims to become the world's most forward-thinking carrier, embracing the best sustainability practices and elevating travel experiences. We are preparing to better connect the world to Riyadh and Riyadh to the world. Inspiration to be the best is what powers Riyadh Air. Every aspect of our operation has been thoroughly thought out, resulting in best-in-class performance at every level. As a startup airline, we have a unique opportunity to adopt the latest technologies and systems from day one. Leveraging Saudi Arabia's strategic geographic location between the three continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe, Riyadh Air will offer better connectivity to Riyadh – a global destination for transportation, trade, and tourism.


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Riyadh: A dynamic metropolis with rich cultural heritage

Riyadh, the Saudi capital, is a pioneering city of the future. It is home to some of the world's most ambitious development projects, biggest sports and entertainment events, and is a thriving landscape of art, cultural, and culinary experiences. As it boldly shapes its tomorrow, the city continues to captivate all who visit, offering a truly singular destination that celebrates its rich heritage and bold vision for the future.