The Future Takes Flight

The city that is already transforming the way we live is now redefining the way we fly. Welcome to Riyadh Air, a brand-new chapter in the sky.

Inspired by the dynamic metropolis with a rich heritage.

An ambitious vision for the future, Riyadh Air embodies Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh at 40,000 ft in the sky.

Taking technology to new heights 

Riyadh Air will be the first digital-native airline, enabling digital innovation at every guest touchpoint for a seamless travel experience.  

Taking hospitality to a whole new level

Riyadh Air will bring warm and authentic Saudi hospitality to the skies.  

Flying to 100+ destinations

Riyadh Air will optimize the strategic location of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, connecting business and leisure travelers to more than 100 destinations worldwide by 2030.

Enjoying the wonders of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Air will showcase Saudi Arabia's exciting cultural and natural attractions to tourists worldwide and embody the nation's authentic hospitality.

Our Brand Story

Inspired by the lavender blossoms that carpet Saudi Arabia, we've chosen this color because it symbolizes Saudi generosity and its authentic hospitality. We looked to the airplane window for inspiration; Riyadh Air will serve as Saudi Arabia's window to the world. The movement of birds' wings in flight and the elegant curves of Arabic calligraphy, an integral pillar of Saudi culture, are also essential parts of the Riyadh Air brand.

Riyadh Air will take flight toward the future of aviation.

A Vision Unveiled

Riyadh Air has revealed the first of two livery designs with a fresh and modern design. A perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and timeless elegance.

Explore the Riyadh Air Livery 360 degree

Kind alert

We are grateful and excited by the overwhelming number of applicants interested in joining our team since we officially launched. It has come to our attention that there have been fraudulent websites or links that ask individuals to pay monetary fees when applying for jobs at Riyadh Air through unofficial channels or websites.

At this exciting time, we wanted to remind interested applicants that Riyadh Air will only engage with potential applicants through our official channels and that Riyadh Air would never request any payments or personal bank details during the application process.