07 May . 2024

Saudi Arabia’s New Carrier Riyadh Air and Tourism Authority partner to enhance travel experience for travellers

  • The two entities will work together on the announcements of new routes and destinations, as Riyadh Air sets its sights on 100 destinations by 2030.
  • Riyadh Air and the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) will seek joint sponsorships and will activate together at global trade shows and events.
  • Guests will benefit from cooperation between Riyadh Air and the STA in joint loyalty program schemes with exclusive offers and rewards.


Riyadh Air, Saudi Arabia’s new world-class airline and Saudi Tourism Authority (STA), have signed a significant memorandum of understanding (MoU) at Dubai’s Arabian Travel Market, that will enhance the travel experience for passengers to and from Saudi Arabia. Riyadh Air aims to fly to over 100 countries by 2030, and through this partnership, both entities will collaborate on various initiatives to enhance the level of service for tourists.

STA CEO Fhad Hamidaddin said:

Increasing Saudi’s connectivity with the world is a key pillar of our tourism strategy and will ensure we sustain our rapid growth and meet our new ambitious target of 150 million visits by 2030.
This exciting new partnership with Riyadh Air will support our goals and ensure more visitors can travel to experience the cool mountains, pristine waters and dynamic cities that make Saudi a great year-round destination.


We are currently connected to over 180 destinations and are aiming to triple annual passenger traffic to 330 million by 2030 and this new agreement will help turbocharge these efforts.

Commenting on the partnership, Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas added:

This is another momentous day in the history of Riyadh Air. Working alongside the STA to elevate the travel experience for our guests and those coming to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signifies what we’re all about. We are elevating standards across the board in aviation to previously unseen levels. We have a shared commitment to travel and tourism in the Kingdom along with our forward-thinking approach to innovation, sustainability, and the satisfaction of our guests.


The partnership will focus on several key areas:


New routes and destinations:

●        Riyadh Air and the STA will jointly announce new routes and destinations to raise global awareness among travellers.


Joint Marketing Activities:

●        Riyadh Air and the STA will promote Saudi Arabia along with any new destinations with an aligned strategy to attract and inform guests around the world. Riyadh Air is expected to contribute to KSA’s non-oil GDP growth by USD 20 billion while directly and indirectly creating over 200,000 new jobs globally and locally.


Sponsorship opportunities

●        The agreement will see Riyadh Air and the STA engage in sponsorship opportunities and enable both parties to leverage each other’s networks and resources to source and activate with relevant partners, which will contribute to the promotion of tourism in the Kingdom.


Presence at key roadshows and international events

●        Working in unison, Riyadh Air and the STA will ensure they have a notable presence in key industry trade shows along with major international events in the travel and tourism sector. Their participation will enable both Riyadh Air and the STA to showcase their offerings, make new announcements, and unveil key developments while showcasing Saudi Arabia’s tourism hotspots to travellers and industry figures.


Marketplace and accessibility to STOCH

●        The MoU will ensure accessibility to tourism-related platforms such as the Sustainable Tourism Observatories in Cities (STOCH) to keep Saudi Arabia and Riyadh Air visible and accessible to tourists and guests year-round. Riyadh Air aims to become the world’s most forward-thinking carrier, embracing the aviation industry’s best sustainability practices.


Exploring collaboration in loyalty programmes

●        Guests will benefit from collaboration between Riyadh Air and the STA thanks to joint benefits with their respective loyalty programs. Travelers will reap the rewards through exciting joint promotions and incentives which will encourage further visits to Saudi Arabia, and beyond, with Riyadh Air.


Distribution and payment solutions

●        Airline booking processes will be made simpler than ever due to collaboration on payment solutions, leveraging world-leading technology and new digital methods, which enhance the overall booking experience for Riyadh Air guests and tourists coming to Saudi Arabia.


Engaging in the Tourism Accelerator Program

●        Riyadh Air and the STA will both be active in the Tourism Accelerator Programme, driving innovation, growth and sustainability within the tourism sector. The programme will see both working together to implement initiatives that support the travel and tourism industry. Riyadh Air is also a catalyst for Saudi Arabia’s National Transport and Logistics Strategy and is playing a key role in contributing to Saudi Arabia’s wider economic diversification and jobs creation, toward realizing Vision 2030 goals.


Cooperation in the development and design of tourism products

●        As globally recognisable entities, both will work in unison to develop and produce various travel and tourism products to enhance the overall experience for travellers. Riyadh Air is committed to elevating the standards of service in the aviation industry making the entire process, from booking to landing, completely seamless for its guests.


Coordination in conducting visitor experience assessment and setting the necessary tools and mechanisms in place

●        As part of the agreement Riyadh Air and the STA will gather invaluable feedback and information from travellers to improve services and the overall experience where necessary. Insights will be used to enhance the Kingdom’s tourism offering and both Riyadh Air and the STA will put tools in place to ensure feedback collected is efficiently analysed.

Riyadh Air recently celebrated its first anniversary, having signed major agreements and partnerships with global partners, as it continues to build towards its maiden flight in mid-2025.